Big Brother 2015: Week 9 Power of Veto Results

It has been a long day in the Big Brother 2015 house. The Big Brother 17 houseguests have been waiting around all day for the Veto to start. over four hours ago, it finally began.

BB17: Austin, Julia, Liz, and Vanessa

On Thursday’s episode, Host Julie Chen announced that next week’s Power of Veto competition would be the Zingbot one. In previous seasons, the Zingbot has destroyed houseguests with his witty zingers. Nothing has been off limits for Zingbot, not relationships, appearances, or game play. Next, in past Zingbot competitions, the houseguest had to put together some type of puzzle.

Past puzzles have involved repairing Zingbot or building him a companion. We expected a similar competition this week. However, we were wrong. Instead, tonight’s competition was the morphing faces one mixed with Zingbot.

On Friday, Head of Household Austin Matelson nominated John “Johnny Mac” McGuire and Steve Moses for eviction. The plan was to evict John. However, Austin left Steve and him in the dark about the real plan. He did disclose some of his plan to Steve, but not his complete intent.

John believes that Vanessa Rousso or James Huling are Austin’s real targets. Steve knows the truth.

Late this afternoon, the Big Brother 2015 houseguests picked Veto players. Meg Maley, Vanessa, and Julia Nolan were picked to play in the Power of Veto competition.

At the end of the night, Vanessa became the Power of Veto holder. Currently, the plan is to keep the nominees the same and vote out Johnny Mac.

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