Spoilers: Winner of the First Round of the Final HOH Competition

**Warning, spoilers ahead, don’t read if you want to be surprised**

The live feeds have been showing special programming over the last couple of days so production could tape some events in the house.  One of those was Britney’s eviction that aired last night, and also the first round of the final HOH competition which began last night on CBS, and involved Lane, Enzo, and Hayden swinging on vines and being rammed into walls.  The results of that competition will air tonight on CBS, but we already have word that Hayden won the round, and tonight Enzo and Lane will battle in round 2 of the competition to see who will face Hayden in the finals.  Hayden is in a good position to win this whole game, and he’s already won a round in the finals, and has most likely has enough jury votes to win the game.  I don’t know if we’ll see many more surprises this season, but tonight’s second round should be very telling as to what the final 2 picture will look like.

  • patidee

    i would love love love to see Enzo and Haden go to the Finals … i think Lane has the IQ of washcloth and would not not want to see him win at all … but, which ever one wins (Lane or Hayden) i’m keeping my fingers crossed that they take Enzo, i don’t believe the jury will vote for Enzo, because he only won one competition and no HOH’s … although i do NOT feel that is what they should base the decision on … nevertheless, i think the chances of winning are greater for the one who takes Enzo, for that reason … AND i would like to see him win at least the 50K >>> GO ENZO!!!