Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Week 9 Nominations Results-Steve Versus Vanessa Round One

For over twelve hours, Big Brother 17 Head of Household Austin Matelson has had a nomination dilemma. This week, he had to choose between two allies. Both of them made compelling arguments for their safety. Now he must anger one and break a deal. Did he make the right decision on Big Brother 17?

BB17: John, Steve, Liz and Austin

Originally, Austin planned to nominate Steve Moses and John “Johnny Mac” McGuire for eviction. The plan was to evict John, with Vanessa Rousso as a backdoor nominee possibility.

Liz Nolan and Austin brought Steve to the Head of Household room to tell him their plan. He did not want to go up as a pawn. He told them it was too risky for his Big Brother 2015 game. He laid out reasons why he was not on board with him being a pawn for this plan. So they decided to not nominate Steve.

They would nominate John and Vanessa. However, Vanessa got into Austin’s head and secured her safety. Austin went back to his original plan to nominate John and Steve. Then Steve spoke to Austin again.

Austin debated whether to nominate John and Vanessa, or Steve and Vanessa. He decided to nominate John and Vanessa. Right before the feeds stopped, Vanessa was trying to convince him to nominate Steve.

BB17: Scamper Squad Reunite

Austin finally decided to nominate John and Steve for eviction.

This week on Big Brother 2015, we are really going to see a Steve versus Vanessa war brewing. One or both of them will be sitting on the block this week at some point. And even though John might be Austin’s target, we predict that Vanessa will start pushing to evict Steve, and Steve will push to evict Vanessa.

If they both manage to stay this week, this might be the week that a Steve versus Vanessa war emerges. Austin, Liz, and Julia are likely casualties in this war.

Are you team Vanessa or team Steve on Big Brother 2015?

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