Big Brother 2015 Episode 26 Recap: Another Endurance Competition Starts…

Tonight Becky Burgess or John “Johnny Mac” McGuire leave the Big Brother 2015 house. Becky has had two horrible weeks in the Big Brother 17 house.

BB17: John and Becky on the block

First her alliance left her out to dry by not voting the way she wanted. Next she lost her closes align in the Big Brother 2015 game. Then she hurt her foot. Now she is on the block, six votes away from eviction.

Will Becky finally experience some good luck? Or is Becky’s game completely dead.

Read below to find out what happened on tonight’s Big Brother 17 episode.

Veto Aftermath

Liz and Austin Matelson are a little annoyed about Becky’s Veto ceremony speech. They took it as a threat. Steve Moses tells them not to take it as one. Later, Steve and Johnny Mac are talking game.

BB17: Steve and John make a deal

They discuss aligning with Austin, Julia Nolan and Liz, or James Huling and Meg Maley. They decide to align with Austin and the twins because they will seem like a lesser threat compared to Austin and the twins. With the Goblins, they look like the bigger ones.

Steve and Johnny Mac visit the Head of Household room, and Liz automatically suggests they team up.

Later, Becky makes some last minute pleas to try and save herself. Liz believes that John and Becky want Vanessa out next week, so that’s good for her team: the final decision on who stays and who goes depends on who can help Liz out more in the game.

Segments: Steve’s Hometown, Jurors, and James’s Pranks

BB17: Steve's Hometown

There is a segment showing Steve’s hometown. It discusses how he has always been a loner, because he focused more on his studies. His mom talks about how they used to watch Big Brother together as he grew up. They started watching it in season one.

We also see his town of Gouverneur, NY come together to celebrate him.

CBS also shows another one of James’s famous pranks. This time he targets Steve by saran wrapping his Have-Not chair and HoH basket.

In the jury house, Shelli Poole talks about Vanessa destroying her game. Next, Jackie Ibarra walks into the house. They talk about Steve getting out Jackie. They also blame this on Vanessa’s manipulating him.

Live Votes and Eviction

BB17-John, Julie, Becky

Johnny Mac and Becky both give their speeches. Johnny Mac, of course, chooses the funny route. He talks about how great Becky is compared to him. He even calls it a stupid move to keep him in the Big Brother 2015 house.

Becky is evicted by a unanimous vote. Host Julie Chen mainly asks Becky about her plan to take out Vanessa. Julie praises her for trying such a big move. She asks if she makes it back into the house will she target Vanessa or become her friend?

She gave an ambiguous answer, but it seems like she will give Vanessa a false sense of security. Everyone gives Becky a nice goodbye message, except Vanessa kind of mentions being glad Becky is out.

Becky says her response is a fair one.

Head of Household:

BB17: Ready, Set, Whoa

Ready, Set, Whoa: For this week’s Head of Household competition, players must hold down three buttons while in their running position. Then on a screen, the words Ready, Set, Go will show. When they see the word go, they must run.

The last person to run to their button in each round is eliminated. The twist with this competition is that, the screen will also flash words that rhyme with go. If they start before seeing go, the first player to do this is eliminated.

There is no time limit to when the word go will appear. It could appear in two seconds or twenty minutes. After the first lap, Meg is eliminated.

We will keep you updated on who wins this week’s Head of Household competition.

Before the episode ends, Julie announces that one of the jury members returns next Thursday.

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