Hayden is the Winner of Big Brother 12

Now that it has aired across the country, we can officially report that Hayden won Big Brother 12.  Hayden beat Lane in the final competition, then evicted Enzo making the final 2 Hayden and Lane.  Hayden then narrowly defeated Lane by a vote of 4-3.  Hayden gave a pretty cocky final plea to the jury, talking about how he won more games and deserved to win.  Lane on the other hand approached it differently with less cockiness, but in the end Enzo was the final vote that won the game for Hayden.  The 2 hour finale was entertaining, with a lot of things revealed, including Lane revealing that he indeed would have taken Britney to the final 2 if he had the chance, which nearly brought her to tears.  Hayden winning was kind of boring as far as entertainment factor, but he is a half a million dollars richer and the game he played turned out successful obviously.  Our coverage will continue over the next few weeks with much more post season interviews and events going on.