Big Brother 2015 Episode 25 Recap: OTEV Returns to Rock Out

Tonight on Big Brother 2015, OTEV made a triumphant return to the house. John “Johnny Mac” McGuire and Becky Burgess needed to win Veto or kiss their partnership goodbye.


Head of Household Liz Nolan and her showmance partner Austin Matelson needed to win it to keep the power in their hands. Who reigned supreme on tonight’s Big Brother 17 episode?

History Repeats

Becky and John react to their nominations. Both of them are not too happy about it, but Austin takes a weird look from John as a declaration of war. Worried that John is making himself the target for the week, Steve Moses decides to tell him to smooth things over with Austin, Julia Nolan, and Liz.

Later, John talks to them in the Head of Household room. He lets them know that Vanessa Rousso is his target. This makes them feel a bit more comfortable with keeping him around. Their target shifts to Becky.

OTEV Returns

BB17: John and Becky pre-OTEV

The houseguests pick players to play in the Power of Veto competition alongside Head of Household Liz and nominees Becky and John. John continues his pattern and draws Meg Maley‘s name out of the Veto bag. Liz finds the Houseguest’s Choice chip and picks Austin. Becky draws Steve’s name from it.

Austin talks to John about throwing the Power of Veto competition. He agrees to do it. He then tells Becky to try to win it because it is the only way they can both be safe this week. Personally, he is not worried about eviction.

For this version of OTEV, he is a giant dinner roll, who also moonlights as a rockstar. He sings his clues. After OTEV finishes singing, houseguests must run to obtain sticks of butter with houseguests names on them. Each round, the houseguests must try not to be last to bring up their butter. If they are last, they get eliminated. This goes on until only one player remains.

Round 1: John is eliminated.
Round 2: Steve is eliminated.
Round 3: Becky is eliminated, after trying to take out Austin.
Round 4: Meg is eliminated.
Round 5: Austin is eliminated.

Liz wins the Veto.

The Problem with Vanessa

BB17: Liz and Vanessa

The episode tries to make it seem like Vanessa is in danger. The Big Brother 17 editors constantly show Liz and Austin’s annoyance with Vanessa and her game moves. They even show Vanessa’s breakdown from being lonely. Liz does not buy it.

In the DR, Liz talks about the possibility of backdooring Vanessa this week.

The End of Jecky

BB17: John and Becky

Liz decides not to use the veto, which means Becky and John remain on the block. One of them will be evicted from the Big Brother 2015 house this week. Tune in tomorrow to find out who gets evicted,

Other Notes:

This Big Brother 2015 episode has a lot of extra filler. We witnessed James Huling prank Julia, Liz and Austin kissing, and Julia freaking out over Austin giving Liz a hickey.

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