BB11’s Michele Noonan to Appear on Playboy TV Show

Big Brother 11’s Michele Noonan has officially made her transition from nerdy neuroscientist wife, to single wild sex pot, as Michele will be on the Playboy TV show “Foursome.”  The show premieres September 18th, and features 4 reality stars “dating” with access to sex with each other, which is apparently all shown… well it’s Playboy after all.  It’s quite a shocker to see a former Big Brother houseguest make such a big change since leaving the show.  Michele has of course been divorced since season 11, and has taken on a sexier persona, but this is taking things quite far. 
We can’t really go into a lot of detail here, and we can’t even post the trailer for the show because it’s highly explicit with Michele giving details on “things” she’s good at, so we will link to the info. for anyone that is interested….but *BE WARNED,* the following link contains explicit material so don’t look if you offended by such material:

Big Brother’s Michele Noonan to appear on Playboy Sex Show

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  • Karla

    OMG she’s turned into such a whore….just freely getting naked and having sex on a porn channel? Does anyone disagree?

  • Anonymous

    Michele has gone crazy. She has become such a skank. I hope she can find help and get better in time for her to be on all stars 2.