Backyard Interview with America’s Favorite Houseguest…Britney

There have been tons of backyard interviews done with the Big Brother 12 Houseguests since finale night, but of course the best was arguably this interview courtesy of with America’s favorite houseguest, Britney Haynes.  We get some hilarious highlights of Britney moments, facial expressions and eye rolls and all, set to very fitting music.  Britney gives a lot of insight on how things played out and her feelings on the other houseguests, with some especially hilarious comments on Rachel.  Britney is in full on entertainment mode, but we have yet to hear any comments from Britney on the sad news that her house was involved in a fire the morning of the finale, and it appears she hadn’t heard about it at the time of this video.  We will continue to update with any more news on Britney in the days to come.  For now, enjoy this classic Britney interview with BB12 highlights:

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