Follow the BB12 Houseguests on Twitter

With the Big Brother 12 season over, many of us are lost without our usual Sunday/Wednesday/Thursday traditional nights, along with live feeds/After Dark etc.  Luckily this year Twitter has really become a popular thing, and just about all of the Big Brother 12 Houseguests are on Twitter and interacting with fans.  We’ve decided to provide our readers with a list of confirmed BB12 Twitter accounts, because there are a TON of fakes out there pretending do be the houseguests.  So with that, here is the current list of official BB12 Twitter accounts:

Andrew –

Annie –

Brendon –

Britney –

Enzo –

Hayden –

Kathy –

Kristen –

Matt –

Rachel –

Ragan –

And of course you can follow Big Brother Fans Blog at –

We have yet to receive definite confirmation on a Lane Twitter, and no word on Monet having one at all, but if we come across them we will be adding to this list.

  • AlstottsNo1Fan

    Enzo’s isn’t correct. His should be:

  • Big Brother Fans Blog

    Thanks for catching that, the link didn’t pick up the extra “_”….it’s been corrected.