Big Brother 2015: Will Becky Throw John Under the Bus?

This week, Becky Burgess and John “Johnny Mac” McGuire are on the Big Brother 2015 block. The duo have been pretty close all season, which caused some players to accuse them of being in a Big Brother 17 showmance. They denied it. They even kept their distance so people wouldn’t expect them as alliance members.

BB17: Becky and John

Both Becky and John agreed not to campaign against each other. Right now, both have stayed fairly true to their word. This week, Johnny Mac consistently shows Head of Household Liz Nolan, her sister Julia Nolan, and showmance partner Austin Matelson how he can become an asset to their team, instead of throwing Becky under the bus.

Becky used reasoning to show them why they need her instead of John in the Big Brother 2015 house to take out Vanessa Rousso. Austin and Liz told both Johnny Mac and Becky that they were safe. However, they were only true to this promise to Johnny Mac.

However, Austin has repeatedly stated that he wants to use Becky to get some dirt on John. Later this week (most likely Wednesday), Austin plans to tell Becky that the votes are shifting towards keeping John.

He will offer Becky a deal: give them some incriminating information on John and she is safe this week. Austin suspects that John might be America’s Player, due to constant calls to the Diary Room.Therefore, he hopes that Becky confirms their suspicions.

Of course, we know that Johnny Mac is not America’s Player. So Becky does not have this information to share with them. However, Becky could lie.

BB17: John and Becky-2

She could claim that John is America’s Player and ensure his eviction. Nevertheless, this does not seem like a Becky move. It could also come back to severely hurt her game. Plus, she does not know that Austin and the twins think John is America’s player.

Becky does have one other critical card that she could use against John. During several of their strategy meetings, John told Becky that he wanted to go after Austin and the twins once Vanessa leaves.

If she chose to divulge this information, John would definitely be sent packing over Becky. This would also be one of the more ruthless acts this season. This would give Becky an extra week in the house, but it could ultimately cost her the game.

People would only view Becky as a disloyal player. Therefore, she would probably get taken out the next week or two, for sure. Being perceived as loyal is a very important part of the Big Brother 2015 game.

The smartest thing for Becky to do to save herself this week is to just try to make an even more convincing argument about why she needs to stay over John.

It seems like Becky is ready to accept her fate, and hope she returns to the Big Brother house. Will Becky give up on Big Brother 2015 or try one last trick to get out John and save herself?

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