BB16 Week 1 POV Spoilers and Live Feed Updates

**Warning – Spoilers ahead, don’t read if you want to be surprised.**

BB16 SpoilersIs your head spinning yet from the information overload that has been the first week of Big Brother 16?  You are not alone. Actually all the new twists and turns in the game have made the new season quite exciting, but it’s without a doubt been a whirlwind to keep up with. 

As seen on last night’s CBS episode, the game’s new element “Battle of the Block” adds a lot to the game and even more possibilities when it comes to shaking things up.  In the first round of this new game, we saw Victoria and Brittany beat Donny and Paola which resulted in their safety and Frankie losing his HOH power.  With Caleb’s nominees still on the block, it was down to the power of veto that was held over the weekend to save either Donny or Paola.

As surprising as it might seem, Donny actually pulled out the POV win over the weekend and is now safe from eviction!  Now here’s where things get a bit foggy being the episodes haven’t caught us up yet on everything that happened in the past week in the house.  Of course Donny removed himself from the block, but somehow Joey became the big target in the house after somehow outing the girl’s alliance by coming clean about it.  It seems odd as to why this all happened but it may come down to Joey not being familiar with the show before being cast, and she must have made a wrong move or told the wrong person too much at some point.

With that being said, Joey went up as the replacement nomination and of course we know that the whole “Team America” twist could now be in jeopardy with her on the block.  As of now, Joey is campaigning hard to stay and Paola isn’t doing much of anything (which seems to be the reason the house would keep her ((can you say pawn?)) 

So if Joey is indeed evicted this week, where does that leave Team America?  As of this afternoon, Joey chose to reveal her Team America status to only Hayden…but will that help or hurt her?  The live feeds have been crazy so far between scheming, campaigning, and even some late night partying!  Don’t forget you can check out the feeds for free with the 2 day trial, and they’re definitely worth checking out this year!