Big Brother 2015 Episode 24 Recap: Austin’s Angels Regain Power

Big Brother 2015’s first double eviction evicted one player from each of side of the house. The Goblins lost their fierce ally Jackie Ibarra. The Sixth Sense lost the remaining member of the Clelli showmance (Shelli Poole and Clay Honeycutt). Now the Big Brother 17 players must pick up the pieces and find new house roles.

BB17: Liz Nolan

We should see some new fractions start to form. This might mean players who float more towards the middle are in danger. Players like John “Johnny Mac” McGuire, Steve Moses, and Becky Burgess could be this week’s targets. So winning tonight’s Big Brother 2015 Head of Household competition is critical.

Steve’s Revenge

The players scramble after Steve’s Head of Household win and eviction. Meg Maley breaks down in the Have-Not room. Her friends trickle in to check up on Becky and her. They try to comfort them about Jackie’s eviction.

Meanwhile, the other side of the Big Brother 2015 house celebrates making it to the next week. They thank Steve for protecting them. He breaks down in tears. He tells the Diary Room that he did not want the win. He pretends to be so distraught over his decision.

BB17: Julia Nolan, Liz Nolan, Steve Nolan

When everyone leaves, he shows the cameras that he was mainly acting.

The Goblins and Johnny Mac decide that they need to put their sadness aside and win this week’s Head of Household competition.

Too Many Emojis

Mixed Emojis: The Big Brother houseguests must compete head to head. Each round, two players face off. They must answer questions based on a board of emojis. The first player to buzz in with the correct answer wins that round. The other player is eliminated. If someone buzzes in with the incorrect answer, the other player advances and they are eliminated.

Round 1: James Huling versus Meg. Meg advances to the next round.
Round 2: Johnny Mac versus Austin Matelson. John advances to the next round.
Round 3: Julia Nolan versus Vanessa Rousso. Julia advances to the next round.
Round 4: Liz versus Becky. Liz advances to the next round.
Round 5: Johnny Mac versus Meg. Johnny Mac advances to the next round.
Round 6: Liz versus Julia. Liz advances to the next round.
Round 7: Johnny Mac versus Liz. Liz wins the competition.

BB17: Mixed EMojis

Liz becomes the newest Head of Household. Her side of the Big Brother 2015 house celebrates their victory. Meanwhile, Becky starts to worry that she is the main target for this week. Her assumption is correct because Vanessa immediately starts to talk to the twins to ensure that Becky leaves this week.

The remaining members of the Sixth Sense try to develop a new alliance name. They come up with Austin’s Angels. They also form the Scamper Squad with Steve.

Not-so Basic Becky Strikes

BB17: Scamper Squad

Knowing the huge possibility of her being the target, Becky runs up to the Head of Household room to talk to Austin, Liz, and Julia. She lets them know some critical information about Vanessa’s game. The main tipping point is Becky telling Austin how Vanessa wanted to backdoor him, and came up with the plan to execute it.

This starts to make Liz, Julia, and Austin not trust Vanessa. Later, Vanessa makes an attempt to form an alliance with Johnny Mac. He dismisses her attempts. So she runs to the Head of Household room to throw him under the bus.

BB17: Memory Wall Noms Week 8

She paints a picture of Johnny Mac being a really weird and aggressive guy. He follows her to the HOH room. She uses this as more proof of his madness. She really wants to make sure Liz nominates him this week, this way she can decide who threatens her game more between Becky and him.


Liz nominates Johnny Mac and Becky for eviction.

Will the Power of Veto change the nominations? Or will the Jecky duo come to an end this week on Big Brother 2015?

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