Big Brother 2015: Week 8 Power of Veto Results

Today, the Big Brother 2015 houseguests played for the Power of Veto. It happened a little later than usual because of the hot California weather. Prior to Veto, not much happened in the Big Brother 17 house.


Yesterday, Head of Household Liz Nolan nominated John “Johnny Mac” McGuire and Becky Burgess. She promised both of them safety. In reality, Austin Matelson and her constantly have been switching about who they want to evict this week.

Earlier today, Johnny Mac and Austin had a conversation about the Power of Veto competition. Austin took this opportunity to ask him to throw it. Surprisingly,  Johnny Mac agreed to do it. Live feed watchers were sure that Johnny Mac could not possibly be considering throwing another competition.

BB17: Liz wins OTEV

We will have to see his Diary Room session on Wednesday’s episode to see if he really did throw this Veto one. However, it appears that throwing the competition might have really been John’s plan for this week. He confirmed to Becky that he wanted to throw it so she could win it.

Meg Maley, Steve Moses, and Austin were picked to play in the Veto. The  competition lasted for more than two hours, and resulted in a double win for Liz.  She won the OTEV competition.

The Big Brother 2015 players were eliminated in this order.

John was knocked out in the first round.
We are not sure when Becky and Steve got knocked out, but they were knocked out in the second and third rounds.
Meg was knocked out in the fourth round.

It was between Austin and Liz. Liz took out Austin. Liz is unlikely to change her nominations so either Johnny Mac or Becky will leave this week. Right now, the votes are swaying more towards saving Johnny Mac and evicting Becky. This could easily change by Thursday night.

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