Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Week 8 Nominations-Johnny Mac Starts to Lose It

Week 8 of Big Brother 2015 is already turning out to be an interesting one for John “Johnny Mac” McGuire. First, he came very close to winning Head of Household twice. Second, he barely escaped the first Big Brother 17 double eviction. Now he’s target number one.

BB17: Live Nolan and Julia Nolan

Head of Household Liz Nolan and her showmance partner Austin Matelson decided to go a little rogue this week. Instead of making Becky Burgess the main target, they made Johnny Mac it. Vanessa Rousso wants Becky gone to further her game.

The rest of Austin’s Angels do not agree with this sentiment. They needed someone directly targeting them out, which made Johnny Mac a prime target. To further weaken him, Austin made sure that Liz named him as a Have-Not. He is a Have-Not along with Steve Moses and Vanessa.

This is already a nightmare come true for Johnny Mac. A few hours ago, Vanessa started to talk game with Johnny Mac. He told her that he overheard a conversation between Clay Honeycutt, Shelli Poole, and her. Vanessa claimed that this conversation never happened.

The conversation went round and round. Johnny Mac wanted to drop it, but Vanessa insisted that they hash it out. It seemed like Johnny Mac was purposely trying to upset her. Interestingly, Liz and Austin told Becky, Meg Maley, and James Huling that they were open to the possibility of backdooring Vanessa.

It depended on how she behaved this week. So by riling up Vanessa, Johnny Mac might be able to save his game.

For now, Liz stuck with her initial plan and nominated Johnny Mac and Becky. Johnny Mac is the main target. Can Johnny Mac pull off another Veto win? We shall see tomorrow. For now, let’s hope he continues to mess with Vanessa this week.

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