First Pics of the Big Brother 13 House!

Here we go Big Brother Fans, we all know the season is getting very close when the first pics of the house for the season are released.  The very first pics of the house were just released on and we have them here.  The house has received quite a makeover with every room getting a whole new look.  For anyone that watches every season, you know the house layout doesn’t really change set up wise, but each year we get a new coat of paint that changes the look of the house quite a bit.

The first big detail we noticed is that there are 14 places on the wall, meaning a full 14 houseguest lineup should be coming our way.  Last year, we also had 14 houseguests planned, but one backed out at the last minute leaving 13.  The bathroom and the room with the big lounge/bed type thing pretty much look like last year, but with some new color schemes and decor.  The lounge room appears to have a fortune teller, and skeleton pics on the wall (hmm.)  The bedrooms are interesting, one has an ice cream stand with beds that have “flavors” on them while the other looks futuristic with the beds seemingly connected in an odd shape.  The third bedroom remains unseen as it looks like we will have another “have-not” room.

The HOH bedroom has a nice update, as there is now big and round, and at an angle.  With all the shrubbery around the room, I almost thought this room was in the backyard.  The kitchen has some surfboard decor going on and there are a couple of bikes visible, which could make for some interesting nights in the backyard.  We have yet to see the living room, backyard, or have-not room…so who knows what the producers may be hiding still.  After checking around we saw that theme for the house is “Venice Beach,” so now we can take a look at these pics and know the theme behind it all:

Well there we have it, the first look at the Big Brother 13 house.  What do you think of this year’s house?  Does it look better or worse than before?  Or does the house not matter to you at all?  Feel free to share your thoughts below.  And don’t forget, you can still take advantage of the live feed early bird special and save $ before the season begins!