Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Austin Wants to Evict John, and Save Becky

Last night, Liz Nolan became the newest Big Brother 17 Head of Household. The Sixth Sense alliance, now named Austin’s Angels, immediately started strategizing. They want Becky Burgess out the Big Brother 2015 house this week.

BB17: Becky

However, this plan aligns more with Vanessa Rousso’s game agenda than anyone else’s. Becky tried to takeout Vanessa, so she wants her out of the house. This plan does not further Austin Matelson, Liz, or Julia Nolan‘s game.

Austin realized this last night, and he wants to eliminate someone more of a threat to his game: John “Johnny Mac” McGuire. He tried to convince Liz and Julia that they need to evict John this week. Liz was very receptive to this idea, but Julia not so much.

Julia is a bit closer with Vanessa than Austin. She wants to keep Vanessa happy to ensure that they stay allies. Liz and Austin have been pulling more away from Vanessa because of her crazy antics. Julia is basically the third wheel in what could become an even stronger pair.

Liz would definitely take Julia to the finals, if they all make it to the final three. However, Austin has a better shot of winning HOH if it is only them. This leaves Julia as a third place finisher. She needs Austin out soon, and to keep Vanessa as an ally.

BB17: Austin's Angels

Early this morning, Becky made her plea for safety. She gave Liz, Austin, and Julia some information on why it is better to keep her in the game. They realized that they would need Becky in it to target Vanessa. Otherwise, no one would really come after Vanessa. So currently, the plan is to nominate Johnny Mac and Becky.

If nominations stay the same, the Liz and Austin fraction of Austin’s Angels wants Johnny out. The other half wants Becky out. Currently, if nominations stay the same, we should have another close vote.

Becky would have three votes against her (Vanessa, Julia, and Steve Moses). John would also have three votes against him (Austin, James Huling, and Meg Maley). Liz would break the tie and vote out John.

However, John has won three Vetos so far. He might just pull out another Veto victory and save himself. This would completely destroy Liz and Austin’s plan for the Big Brother 17 week. This division in Austin’s Angels could also be the factor that completely destroys this powerhouse alliance.

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