Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Week 8 Head of Household Results

Following last night’s Big Brother 2015 double eviction, the Big Brother 17 players scrambled to make sense of it all. The Goblins started to figure out that they made the wrong decision not evicting Vanessa Rousso. Meanwhile, the Sixth Sense celebrated how the game was completely flipped to ensure that one of them won it.

BB17: HOH Celebration

Steve Moses took some time out to compose himself. John “Johnny Mac” McGuire and Becky Burgess worked to bring Steve completely to their side of the house. They also tried to smooth things over between Meg Maley and Steve. They wanted the Goblins to work with Johnny Mac and Steve.

Meg found herself completely enraged by Steve targeting them and evicting Jackie Ibarra. Becky tried to make Meg see that this allĀ happened because of Vanessa. Meg and James Huling finally started to catch on that this was the truth.

They also realized that Liz Nolan, Julia Nolan, and Austin Matelson were not really on their side. This set up the Goblins for do or die going into tonight’s second Head of Household competition. Johnny Mac also really wanted to win it to ensure the safety of his closest allies, and try to finally take Vanessa out of the Big Brother 17 game.

The houseguests played another bracket style competition for Head of Household. Liz won it. Liz is the newest Head of Household. Most likely, she will target Becky, Johnny Mac, or James this week.

It is looking more and more like the Goblins’ game could be completely dead.

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