“Dynamic Duo” Twist Revealed for Big Brother 13

Just 1 day after the Big Brother 13 house pics were revealed, the first major clue on the twist has been revealed by Julie Chen.  In this video that aired on ET in Canada, Julie reveals that “dynamic duos from the past will have a significant role this season.”  So now we are left to speculate on just who these “dynamic duos from the past” might be.  Of course Jeff and Jordan from Big Brother 11 are the first duo that comes to everyones mind, and many fans have pointed out that Jeff’s Twitter (which is normally active) suddenly became inactive on June 25th.  Of course Dick and Daniele Donato are another duo everyone would like to see, but that doesn’t seem likely since Daniele is hosting a Big Brother show with Ragan from last season on the live feeds.  And of course maybe the most famous duo in Big Brother history, Chill Town, has also been thrown out there as a duo that some fans would like to see return.

Of course this could also mean that the duo’s won’t be returning as houseguests, but maybe more involved in challenges and games in a bigger role than previous seasons.  The speculation is running wild on what part these “dynamic duos from the past’s” roles will be, so feel free to speculate your own guesses below after checking out the video:

  • Anonymous

    Brendan and Rachels are inactive too.