Official Big Brother 13 House Tour with Julie Chen

Yesterday we posted a tidbit of video that revealed the “dynamic duo twist,” and now today we have the full video of the house tour thanks to   In the video Julie confirms that going along with the “expect the unexpected” theme, houseguests will see things that should go on the outside on the inside and vice versa (which is why we see see the furniture switched up.)  Also we got confirmation that the fortune teller in the parlor does indeed move and even talk….which should make for some interesting Big Brother moments in itself.

Also take note that the HOH room seen in this video has been re-decorated since the video was made, and the HOH room seen in our BB13 house pics post is the HOH room we will actually see this season. So here is the video of Julie Chen and her…”unique” humor giving us a full tour of the Big Brother 13 house: