Big Brother 2015 Episode 23 Recap: The Double Eviction Claims Two Victims

Big Brother 2015 episode 23 had the Big Brother 17 houseguests battling it out in a huge live double eviction. It was like Christmas day for Big Brother fans. Though a fan favorite left, the double eviction did satisfy viewers by creating a more fractured house.

BB17: Ep 23-1

Wednesday’s Big Brother 17 episode ended with Head of Household Becky Burgess taking a shot at her target Vanessa Rousso. She nominated her as a replacement nominee when Steve Moses removed himself from the block. This put the Sixth Sense alliance members, Vanessa and Shelli Poole, against one another.

Before the Storm

Flashback: Once again, Vanessa corners James Huling in the bathroom. She tells him that Becky has played both sides. She took information about his side and told it to Clay Honeycutt and Shelli.┬áThis makes James question Becky’s true loyalties. Him, Meg Maley, and Jackie Ibarra discuss evicting Shelli over Vanessa. They start to realize that it might be a smarter move for their game.

Live Votes and Eviction:

BB17: Ep 23-2

Host Julie Chen tells the houseguests that tonight is, in fact, a double eviction. Therefore, they rush through speeches, votes, and eviction. The night starts with everyone voting to evict Shelli from the Big Brother 2015 house.

Mainly, Julie asks Shelli about her relationship with Clay. She asks her the big l word question, which Shelli avoids answering. Julie also asks her if she feels like Vanessa betrayed her trust. She admits that she does feel betrayed by the Sixth Sense and Vanessa. However, she says that she does not want to see Vanessa next in the jury house.

The Storm:

BB17: ep 23-3

Getting Loopy: The houseguests must answer true or false questions about a series of looped images, which were shown earlier in the week. If they answer correctly, they advance to the next round. If they answer incorrectly, they are eliminated. The last player standing after every round becomes tonight’s Head of Household.

Round 1: All Houseguests answer correctly
Round 2: James, Liz Nolan, Meg, and Jackie are eliminated.
Round 3: Everyone gets it correct.
Round 4: Julia Nolan and Vanessa are eliminated.
Round 5: Everyone gets it correct.
Round 6: Austin Matelson and John “Johnny Mac” McGuire are eliminated.

Steve becomes the Head of Household. He then nominates Jackie and Meg for eviction.

BB17: Ep 23-4

Slippery Slope: For this Power of Veto ceremony, Big Brother 17 houseguests had to navigate three balls into three different holes. They had to place the balls in the holes in the correct numerical order. If they failed to do this, they were eliminated. They also had a three minute time limit. The player to get balls in all three of their holes quickest, won the Power of Veto. If no one did this in the three minute time limit, the player with the most balls won.

James and Johnny Mac come really close in the competition, but James’s last ball falls out right when Johnny Mac’s ball is about to go into his final hole.

Johnny Mac wins the Power of Veto. He quickly talks to Steve. Meg and Jackie plead for their Big Brother lives to Johnny Mac.

John decides not to use the Veto, and then voting quickly begins.

Vanessa votes to evict Jackie.
Becky votes to evict Meg.
James votes to evict Jackie.
Johnny Mac votes to evict Jackie.
Austin votes to evict Jackie.
Liz votes to evict Jackie.
Julia votes to evict Jackie.

BB17: Jackie and MEg

Jackie becomes the second member of the Big Brother 17 jury. Julie asks Jackie about playing the game with Jeff Weldon versus playing it alone. She also asks her if she would do anything different in the game.

Later today, the next Big Brother 17 Head of Household will be crowned.

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