Big Brother 13 Cast Revealed!

Let the Big Brother 13 madness begin!  We have the cast, and the big twist information as well.  We have 8, yes 8 new houseguests.  Where are the rest of them you may ask?  Well the rumors are true about dynamic duos from the past, and it looks some of the most famous dynamic duos of all time will be returning to the house.  And there are some of the most famous duos in Big Brother history listed on such as Dick and Daniele Donato, “Chill Town” Dr. Will and Mike “Boogie,” Brendon and Rachel from last year, Jeff and Jordan, Jessie and Natalie from Big Brother 11, and Hayden and Enzo from last year, all as possibly returning this season.  We have heard anywhere from 4 to 6 former houseguests will round out the cast, and CBS is asking who fans THINK will be returning, so no word on how that is going to be decided.

Now on to our new houseguests…below are pics of the new Big Brother 13 houseguests, and below that are their brief descriptions (reading from left to right)

Names and descriptions from top left to right:

Adam Poch – 39 year old music inventory manager, born leader and a very friendly guy, so it will not be hard for him to make friends.

Cassi Colvin – 26 year old model, plans to stay neutral and fly under the radar, but play well in competitions.

Dominic Briones – 25 year old college student, plans on flying under the radar and making friends and alliances.

Kalia Booker – 30 year old writer, no strategy, feels she will be there until the end because everyone loves her (oh boy)

Keith Henderson – 32 year old human resources manager, thinks he will have the women swooning and the men wanting to be on his team – “the perfect strategy”

Lawon Exum – 39 year old legal file clerk, feels he can use his style, gift of gab, and cleverness to win Big Brother.

Porsche Briggs – 23 year old VIP cocktail waitress, will try to not blow up at too many people.  Describes self as “sexy, bitchy, and clever.”

Shelly Moore – 41 year old outdoor industry executive, will try to put together a group that could mutually benefit from the arrangement.

*Note* there has been some confusion on a ninth houseguest that hasn’t been confirmed yet, but we will update when we get confirmation on the situation.

**Update** A ninth houseguest, Jason Thomas, has been cut due to a “casting decision.”  So it looks like we will have these 8 new houseguests, and 6 former houseguests rounding things out.

So there you have it folks.  8 new houseguests, and apparently 6 former houseguests rounding out the house this year.  There are already strong opinions on this, as many fans do not want to see former houseguests and would rather it be an all new cast.  What do you think?  Are you happy to see some of the most classic duos from Big Brother’s past returning?  With the former houseguests added in with this new group, this has potential to get crazy.  Don’t forget you can still take advantage of the Early Bird Special on live feeds and save on your subscription before the show starts on July 7th!

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