Interview with Executive Producer Allison Grodner: 2 Twists Confirmed

After yesterday’s Big Brother 13 cast reveal, we have have gotten more questions than answers.  We saw the 8 new houseguests that will be entering the house, along with the news that “dynamic duos from the past” would be filling out the rest of the cast.  Of course the speculation ran wild on who the duos would be, how they would be decided, etc.  Today thanks to we have some answers, as they conducted an interview with Big Brother Executive Producer Allison Grodner.

In the interview, Grodner revealed that there won’t be a vote for which dynamic duos enter the house, but the voting being done is strictly for fun.  Furthermore, the duos listed on the CBS site are just suggestions, not definite choices for who will be entering.  Grodner also explained that while the duos are one of the twists, there is also another big twist that will affect the game.  She also noted that the game will be played different from before, right from the get go.  Check out the complete interview below which fills in SOME of the gaps at least, as our countdown to BB13 continues:


    13 cast looks pretty good imo