Big Brother 2015 Episode 22 Recap: BB Comics Returns

Tonight’s Big Brother 2015 episode showed what happened with this week’s Power of Veto ceremony. The Big Brother 17 houseguests ziplined for the Veto. This resulted in another win for one of the players playing very under the radar.

BB17: Comics

Previously, Head of Household Becky Burgess set her target at Vanessa Rousso. Everything was going according to plan on Sunday’s episode. The Veto competition put Becky even closer to her plan goals. However a snag might see the plan come crashing down. But before we get to that, read what happened on tonight’s Big Brother 17 episode.

Meltdown Initiate:

Everyone scampers away after the nomination ceremony. John “Johnny Mac” McGuire starts working on trying to keep his allies Shelli Poole and Steve Moses safe. He asks Shelli to pick him if she gets houseguest choice. However, she worries that it might alert Vanessa to their plan.

He also tells Steve to pick him, but he tells him that he will remove Shelli from the block. Later the houseguests are picked to play in the Power of Veto. Steve picks Meg Maley to play in the Big Brother competition. Becky draws Austin Matelson‘s name from the bag. Shelli gets houseguests choice and chooses Vanessa.

BB17: John and Steve

Later, she reassures Johnny Mac that she only picked Vanessa because she did not want her to know about the plan.

A Super Power of Veto

BB Comics: Like Big Brother 16, houseguests must zipline across a wall. They then need to remember the order of the comic books on the inside of the wall. Next they must place the comic books in the correct order on their computer layout. The trick is that all of the comics have duplicates that have slight differences.

Each player then goes one at a time to complete this task. The player to complete it in the fastest time, wins the Power of Veto.

BB17: Becky comic

Here is how the results fell:

Meg’s time: 15:37
Becky’s time: 17:02
Shelli’s time: 25:31
Austin’s time: 21:20
Steve’s time: 13:57
Vanessa’s time: 21:44

Steve wins the Power of Veto.

Meltdown Activate:

Vanessa corners James Huling in one of the bedrooms to ask him about whether the plan was still going to happen. He tries to lie around it, but she can tell he is covering up something. Later, he runs and tells Jackie Ibarra and Meg what happened with Vanessa and him.

Meanwhile, Vanessa goes to visit Becky in the Head of Household room. She reassures her that she will be safe this week. Vanessa then runs down to tell Jackie, James, Meg, and Austin that their deal is still good.

BB17: Vanessa vs Shelli on the block

Becky arrives later, and when Vanessa and Austin leave, they laugh about Vanessa’s paranoia.

During the Power of Veto Ceremony, Steve decides to use the POV and take himself off the block. Becky puts Vanessa up as a replacement nominee. In her speech, she basically says that she doesn’t know if she can trust Vanessa because she switches sides so much.

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