Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Johnny Mac and Becky Versus the House

On Big Brother 2015, Becky Burgess and John “Johnny Mac” McGuire were sitting in a pretty good game spot. They started to form stronger side allies, while remaining most true to one another. Then the Big Brother 17 Goblins started to let paranoia ruin their game.

BB17: Becky and Johnny Mac

On Tuesday, the Goblins decided that evicting Shelli Poole was better for their game than evicting Vanessa Rousso. They then discussed their decision with Vanessa, Austin Matelson, Liz Nolan, and Julia Nolan.

To further secure all their safety for this week, they also agreed to return to their original plan of targeting a floater this week: John “Johnny Mac” McGuire and Steve Moses. Paranoid Vanessa also worked to convince the Big Brother 17 house that Johnny Mac, Steve, and Shelli were aligned.

As of now, almost the entire Big Brother 2015 house plans to nominate Johnny Mac as their initial target, and Steve as a backdoor option. The Goblins, however, believe that they can nominate Johnny Mac on Thursday alongside Vanessa, and then finally get Vanessa out of the Big Brother 17 house.

Vanessa’s plan involves nominating Johnny Mac and Becky, with Becky as her target. Either way, Thursday’s double eviction episode looks like it will be Steve, Johnny Mac, and Becky against the entire Big Brother house.

However, it is more like Becky and Johnny Mac against the entire house, because Steve isn’t really anyone’s main target. Also, Steve plans to target Becky as well, if he wins Head of Household.

As of now, the only way for Becky and Johnny Mac to stop themselves from being the main targets in Thursday’s double eviction is to flip the votes back to evicting Vanessa.

This seems like an impossible task as of now on Big Brother 2015. But as host Julie Chen would say, “expect the unexpected.”

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