The BB13 Houseguests Have Entered the House!

As traditional with the final weekend before the Big Brother season begins, the new houseguests have officially entered the house!  The excitement is definitely in the air as we are finally just DAYS away from the premiere.  Above is the traditional pic that CBS gives us just to tease us and let us know that Big Brother is officially under way.  If your wondering why the houseguests are already in the house, it’s because every year they start filming the weekend before so there is footage to show for Thursday’s big premiere.  

In the pic we can see the group of what looks to be Shelly, Porsche, Lawon, and Dominic stepping foot in the house for the first time.  They probably still have no idea that they are about to be hit with the return of dynamic duos from the past, so all of that action will be something to see on Thursday’s show.  Keep in mind there is still time to subscribe to the live feeds and get the early bird special, to ensure you can watch all the action in the house live starting Thursday!