Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: The Goblins May Save Vanessa

On Big Brother 17, Becky Burgess declared war on Vanessa Rousso. She placed two pawns on the Big Brother 2015 block, Shelli Poole and Steve Moses. She then needed one of them to win the Power of Veto. Once, they won, Vanessa was her replacement nominee target.

BB17: Vanessa Rousso

Things went according to plan. However, in Big Brother, things are rarely as easy as they seem. Vanessa started her week on the block by telling the Goblins some information about Becky. She told them that Becky once wanted to work with Shelli and her.

They formed the Generals. The Goblins dismissed this claim because Becky already warned them about her not trusting them when Jason Roy was on the block. However, James Huling, who already found himself not completely on board with evicting Vanessa over Shelli, started to doubt Becky a little.

Shelli is directly going after James for taking out Clay Honeycutt. Vanessa, as far as he knows, wasn’t a direct enemy to him. But he promised to stay true to Becky’s plan. Then last night, Shelli went rogue and stole back Clay’s hoodie.

This made James more worried about keeping Shelli in the game. Since last night, Meg Maley, James, and Jackie Ibarra have been considering voting out Shelli over Vanessa. The consequences of this plan could tip the scales further in Vanessa’s wheel house, because Vanessa still has Steve Moses, Austin Matelson, Liz Nolan, and Julia Nolan as allies. She’s also pretty good at mental competitions.

On the other hand, Vanessa definitely plans to takeout Becky or John “Johnny Mac” McGuire before she takes out the Goblins. If James, Jackie, and Meg decide to go against Becky’s wishes we are going to be in for an even crazier double eviction on Thursday.

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