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Can you believe we are just over 24 hours away from the Big Brother 13 premiere?  And that means tomorrow night is when we can start watching the house live 24/7 on the live feeds.  We just wanted to send out one last reminder that the early bird discount ends tonight.  For a few more hours you can get 3 free days, then pay $29.99 for all 3 months of Big Brother 13 live feeds (regular price $39.99) or you can choose to get 3 days free, then $14.99 per month.

We are looking at what could be a highly explosive season, with the dynamic duos from the past twist and major buzz about who those duos will be.  If the rumors of Brendon and Rachel being in the same house with Evel Dick turn out to be true, anything can and likely will happen this year.  Here are a few highlights from past season’s live feeds:

Keep in mind, with the live feeds you can tune in and watch what’s going on in the house 24/7, including the pool, bedrooms, and yes even the showers.  The Big Brother takeover is upon us, so if you haven’t already, please support our site by using one of our links to subscribe to the Big Brother 13 live feeds.

  • Anonymous

    OK…..I think I have the next announcement figured out this season!! Rachel and Adam are brother and sister……….the more I look at thier faces (EWWW) the more I think they look almost identicle ……Not kidding!!! Either way the BOTH gotta go home!!