Big Brother 2015 Episode 21 Recap: Becky Exposes Vanessa’s Game

Vanessa Rousso has basically ran the Big Brother 2015 game. She has been manipulating situations left and right to further her agenda. Vanessa plays Big Brother 17 like it should be played. However, this week, a sloppy move made her target number one.

BB17: Vanessa and James

Now in major danger, can Vanessa slip and slide her way to safety? Find out by reading our Big Brother 2015 recap below.

The Storm Starts

Prior to last Thursday’s Big Brother 17 eviction, John “Johnny Mac” McGuire informs Clay Honeycutt that he did not trust Vanessa. Clay wants to amend fences between them, so he told Vanessa to talk to Johnny Mac, because he feared that James Huling got into his head.

Vanessa then confronted James about this accusation. He then called Clay out on it, while Vanessa questioned Johnny Mac. Johnny Mac said that no one told him not to trust her. He just doesn’t because of his own observations. Vanessa does not believe him.

She accused Clay of making this all up. Clay finally accepts the blame for it all. Later, Johnny Mac talks more with Clay and Shelli Poole about the fight. They realize it was a misunderstanding. However, Johnny Mac makes sure that they see how unhinged Vanessa is as a player.

The Competition Finishes

BB17: HOH Comp

On Thursday, the contestants slipped and sled their way to victory. Meg Maley and Austin Matelson were slugging behind in the race. Meanwhile, Johnny Mac, Becky Burgess, Julia Nolan, and Shelli were fighting for the win.

Shelli really wanted to win to avenge Clay’s eviction. Johnny Mac wanted a win to protect himself and take Vanessa out of the Big Brother game. Eventually, Becky won it. She immediately picked a side, and alerts her alliance members to her plan.

Becky tells James, Meg, and Jackie Ibarra that her plan for this week is to get out Vanessa. She wants to put up Shelli and Steve Moses as pawns. Then she wants one of them to win it, so she can backdoor Vanessa.

BB17: Vanessa, Austin, and Becky

Later, she hints heavily to Shelli about her plan to backdoor Vanessa. She does this to gain a little trust with Shelli. She also tells Johnny Mac her plan. She makes sure to keep Austin, Liz Nolan, Vanessa, and Julia in the dark about it.

However, when Vanessa suggests that they make a deal, Becky rejects it. This makes Vanessa suspicious of Becky’s true intentions.


Becky sticks to her word and nominates Shelli and Steve. She tells him that she wants to see him play more, and tells Shelli that things got messy with Clay and her last week. Steve says, in the Diary Room, that staying under the radar has been his plan. He also says that Becky is his target.

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