Jeff and Jordan, Brendon and Rachel, and Dick and Daniele Return to Big Brother

Well the season premiere is in the books, and we now know that the dynamic duos from the past that have returned are Evel Dick and Daniele, Jeff and Jordan, and Brendon and Rachel.  What we didn’t know is that the new houseguests would also be choosing a partner amongst themselves and playing as duos.  We learned this years game has a very unique set up for the first four weeks, as duos will be nominated together and while one will be evicted, the other receive a golden key that will automatically take them to the final 10.  This means the member of the duo that stays can’t be nominated, and won’t play in competitions.

As usual on the first night of live feeds and After Dark, things were pretty happy in the house.  Everyone seems to be getting along, although there is of course already talking and plotting.  It’s crazy to see the dynamic duos back in the house, like weird mixed feelings of deja vu.  There is already controversy in the house that we are waiting on clarification on, so we’ll post on that in a spoiler post within a few hours for those of you who don’t want it to be spoiled.

Keep up with all the action and happenings for yourself now by checking out the live feeds.