Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Becky’s Plan is in Jeopardy

Big Brother 2015 Head of Household Becky Burgess and her secret alliance member John “Johnny Mac” McGuire have laid low this entire season. They have played a similar Big Brother 17 game by observing and staying out of the drama. This has kept them relatively safe in the game. This week, they had to wake up and start making big moves.

BB17: Becky Burgess

When Vanessa Rousso tried to use her usual Big Brother 17 tactics, the crying and pretending she has no hand in the conflict ones, on Johnny Mac. He did not fall for her typical scheme. In fact, it confirmed his suspicions about her. Becky and Johnny have been talking all last week about what to do next in the game.

Becky won Head of Household this week, which meant they could actually make some moves. Becky set a plan in motion to eliminate Vanessa. She nominated two pawns, Steve Moses and Shelli Poole. Becky then needed someone on her side, or the nominees, to win Veto to ensure that Vanessa got backdoored.

Last night, Johnny talked to Steve and Shelli to get them to pick him to play for Veto. He wanted to win it, and then take either Shelli or Steve off the block. He leaned more towards taking off Shelli because there was a bigger chance of her being evicted this week.

BB17: John McGuire and Becky Burgess

Shelli expressed her concern about picking Johnny Mac over Vanessa to play in the Veto competition. She worried this would alert Vanessa to their plan. A little while ago, Veto players were picked. The houseguests drew Austin Matelson and Meg Maley‘s name from the Veto bag. Shelli got houseguest’s choice, and she picked Vanessa to play in it.

This put a huge wrench in Becky’s plan. If Vanessa wins and takes off Shelli, then Becky has to choose another target this week. Likely, she will pick either Liz Nolan or Austin as replacement nominees. Austin plans to not really fight hard for the Veto. In fact, he might even throw the competition.

Vanessa and him falsely believe that Becky will nominate Johnny Mac if one of the nominees come down from the block. However, Vanessa feels that she may be the backdoor plan. She will definitely go all out to win this week’s Veto.

If the rumored counting cards competition plays out, then Vanessa might just count her way to victory. We hope Vanessa does not win Veto, because her being backdoored leads to a much more exciting week.

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  • Rick Fountain

    Fans want to see the Vanessa freak out being put on the block as replacement nom. The next four days will see her spiraling into hysteria. Of course, she’ll probably win the POV and ruin everything!

    • Jerrica

      Luckily, everyone’s prediction did not come true.