Big Brother 13 Thoughts So Far

Well, Big Brother 13 is fully underway. What does everyone think about it so far?

We’ve seen twists, but not anything that wasn’t really rumored before the show started. We all knew about and posted about the Big Brother 13 Dynamic Duos Twist. Most of the speculation centered around 4-5 duos, and we pretty much got the top 3 that everyone expected: Jeff and Jordan, Evel Dick and Dani, and Rachel and Brendon.

Of course, if you are just a casual watcher of the CBS show and/or a new reader of Big Brother blogs and gossip, a lot of this stuff may have been shocking.

If you subscribe to the big brother live feeds, or follow online Big Brother gossip blogs and forums, you know a lot of what happens a couple days in advance. ( Assume if you read our blog or listen to our Big Brother Podcast, we are going to discuss action you don’t see on CBS). For example, we saw many rumors that Evel Dick would leave the house right away. One rumor was that both he and Jeff would be evicted on the first day. That rumor turned out to be slightly half-right, as Evel Dick left the Big Brother 13 house. Of course, he wasn’t evicted and neither he or Jeff faced immediate eviction.

So far I like this season. I really wasn’t into Big Brother 12 too much, personally. Dick leaving is a bummer, though. I feel like the cast still has enough potential, and these shows always start out slow anyway. I expect the real exciting action to heat up in the next couple weeks.

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