Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Vanessa’s Fatal Game Error

On Thursday, prior to this week’s Big Brother 17 live show, John “Johnny Mac” McGuire and Clay Honeycutt were caught in a lie. John disclosed to Clay that he knew Vanessa Rousso wanted him out of the Big Brother 2015 house. This escalated into a major conflict.

BB17-Becky and Vanessa

All week, Vanessa has been planting seeds to get Johnny Mac out the Big Brother 2015 house. She included his closest ally, Becky Burgess, in this plan. Eventually Becky told Johnny Mac about Vanessa’s goal. However, he had already figured out her plan prior to being told about it.

Because Clay was working with both Johnny Mac and Vanessa, he tried to mend fences. He told Vanessa that James Huling put this theory in Johnny’s head. He saw the two of them talking prior to Johnny revealing his suspicions. So he assumed that James spread this theory to Johnny.

Vanessa then confronted James about what Clay told him. He denied it. James and Vanessa then pull Johnny Mac and Clay into a room to confront them about it. At first, neither of them gave any information.

Johnny says that he came up with this theory on his own. Vanessa does not believe him. Next, Clay lies and tells Vanessa that he made it up. She believes that, and this sealed Clay’s eviction fate.

BB17-Jackie Ibarra, James Huling, Meg Maley, Becky Burgess

Last night, Becky became the newest Head of Household. She immediately alerted her allies, Meg Maley, Jackie Ibarra, and James about her plan. She wants to nominate Shelli Poole and Steve Moses, as part of an eight person deal they made last week. Becky will tell Austin Matelson, Liz Nolan, and Julia Nolan that the target is Shelli or Steve.

However, if one of them wins Power of Veto, she plans to backdoor Johnny Mac. The real backdoor nominee is Vanessa. This plan came about because of Vanessa’s behavior with Johnny Mac and Clay yesterday.

Later, Becky additionally told Shelli and Johnny Mac the real plan. She told Austin, Vanessa, and the twins the fake one. She also hinted to Steve that Vanessa was her target this week, not him.

Vanessa clued on to the fact that she might get backdoored when Becky refused to make anymore deals with her. Becky claimed she just wanted to play “organic” for the rest of Big Brother 17. Vanessa did not believe that statement, and her paranoia started to grow.

Looks like we might be in for another great and crazy Big Brother 17 week. We will post the nominees later today, as soon as they are confirmed.

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