Evel Dick Issues Video Statement on Leaving the BB13 House

Last week we unfortunately had to report the news that Evel Dick had left the Big Brother 13 house.  Both fans and even the houseguests were shocked at the abrupt exit of Evel Dick, but no one knew what was going on or what could have happened to make him leave.  Dick was too perfect for this season given the other personalities in the house, and was already laying out his plan to dominate the game before his exit. 

Due to all the buzz, Evel Dick has released a statement on his website RTVzone.com that addresses his exit.  The video doesn’t tell us a whole lot, other than the fact that it was due to someone in his life needing him.  Dick does go through the long list of rumors about his exit and debunks them all.  So check out the video below and join us in the Big Brother depression that was Evel Dick’s exit: