Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Week 7 Head of Household Competition Results

Last night’s Big Brother 2015 episode ended on a cliffhanger: who would become this week’s Big Brother 17 Head of Household. Host Julie Chen announced that they had another endurance competition.

BB17: HOH comp

The Big Brother houseguests had to slip and slide their way to victory. Each Big Brother houseguest had to run down their slippery lane carrying a tube of water. They then needed to fill that water into a jug. The first player to completely fill their jar, and then grab their balls, won the competition. They could then use the balls to win the Head of Household, $5,000, or a Never-Not pass.They could also decide to take all three prizes.

However, once someone placed a ball in the HOH slot, the game ended.


In the beginning of this Big Brother competition, it was a pretty close race between Julia Nolan, John “Johnny Mac” McGuire, Jackie Ibarra, and Becky Burgess. Meg Maley and Austin Matelson steadily tied for last place.

After an hour and a half competition, Becky emerged as champion. She chose to take all three prizes. Adding another $5,000 to her now $10,000 total. This should be an interesting Big Brother 17 week because Becky has basically played both sides all last week. This week will force her to choose one.

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