BB13 Live Feed Update: Jeff and Kalia Fight Over Homosexual Views

Tensions have been rising in the Big Brother 13 house, and in the past 24 hours we have been seeing a few arguments breaking out.  The most unexpected was a few hours ago when Jeff and Kalia of all people got into it over a very touchy subject.

The conversation was about the Harry Potter character “Dumbledore” being written to be a gay character.  Jeff voiced his opinion on how it’s perverted for a gay character to be the head wizard with a bunch of kids.  Kalia struck back questioning why it’s wrong, and why couldn’t a gay person work with kids.  Jeff dropped F bombs and got really riled up over the situation, saying he wasn’t looking for  a PC response or the “right response for TV.”  Kalia noted that her little sister is gay, to which Jeff replied “I don’t give a fuck if your little sister is gay.” 

This was so unexpected, with the usually laid back Jeff getting into it with Kalia, who hasn’t been very vocal at all in the house yet.  I guess it is what Big Brother is all about, not being able to predict what will go down at any point.  Jeff’s comments have been called homophobic by many, and has lead to Jeff being looked at in a negative light for one of the first times.  Does your opinion of Jeff change given his thoughts on homosexuals?

If you want to check out the full fight, check out the live feeds and go to the Flashback feature at 6:46 p.m. on 7/12/11.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I respect Jeff MORE. He is completely right, and I admire him for sticking with his view…in light of todays PC climate, a lesser man would have backed down…especially in a contest where popularity may cost hom votes in the end…

    GREAT JOB, JEFF! You are not alone in your view…the liberals in HOLLLYWOOD would just like you to think you are…