Big Brother 2015 Episode 20 Recap: The Romance Ends

Tonight, the Big Brother 17 houseguests finally separated Shelli Poole and Clay Honeycutt. The Big Brother 2015 showmance has been dominating and controlling the house for five weeks. It was time to get one of them out.

BB17: Shelli and Clay

On Sunday’s episode, Head of Household James Huling made a huge game move by nominating Shelli and Clay. This set the scales of the house a little more in his alliance’s favor. He wanted Shelli out tonight, but did Vanessa Rousso‘s meddling stop his plan?

The Failed Sixth Sense

James informs Austin Matelson that Shelli and Clay threw him under the bus. He relays some of the facts they told him about Austin. Austin then takes this information to Vanessa. Vanessa then tells Shelli, who tries to do damage control.

Later, Julia Nolan and Liz Nolan ponder over who to evict tonight. Vanessa tries to get everyone on board with evicting Shelli over Clay. She even takes her plan to the Head of Household room. Jackie Ibarra picks up on Vanessa’s ploy to manipulate the votes in Shelli’s favor.

She then tells James her suspicions about Vanessa.

The Hitmen Return


We get a brief segment on Big Brother 16’s Hitmen, Cody Calafiore and Derrick Levasseur. They talk about what they have been doing with their lives since the show ended. Derrick has put more effort into his family. Cody has been modeling.

They also talk about Big Brother 17, and the players they like the most. They both talk about James’s game this week. Cody and Derrick also talk about the hot chicks in the house.

They say that since the game ended, their bond has grown. Cody considers Derrick a brother. The Hitmen talk on the phone almost every day and see each other every month.

Live Votes and Eviction

In one of the most dramatic final rose ceremonies, eviction speeches, Clay asks the house to vote to keep Shelli over him. They both tear up about it.

Vanessa votes to evict Clay
Meg Maley votes to evict Clay
Austin votes to evict Clay
Jackie votes to evict Clay
Liz votes to evict Clay
Julia votes to evict Clay
Steve Moses votes to evict Clay
Becky Burgess votes to evict Clay
John “Johnny Mac” McGuire votes to evict Clay

Clay is evicted by a 9-0 vote. He says his goodbye to Shelli and gives her a kiss.

During his exit interview with host Julie Chen, she discusses his strong feelings for Shelli. Julie asks him about whether he loves Shelli. He says love is a strong word. Julie then remarks that he must love Shelli more than half a million. He agrees.

Julie also asks him if he takes responsibility for his part in evicting Jason Roy. He says that it was not his plan, but he agreed to it. Finally, she asks him about the weird bathroom scene between Meg and him. He implies that Meg has kind of had a showmance with everyone in the house.

Head of Household:


This week’s Head of Household competition is another slip and slide one. They must run down slippery lanes carrying liquid. The houseguests then must use this liquid to fill up a bowl. Once the bowl fills up enough, they have to grab a ball out of it.

You can catch the Head of Household results on Sunday’s Big Brother 17 episode. You can also return here for the results. Julie also announces that next Thursday starts jury, and is a double eviction episode.

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