First BB13 Live Eviction Tonight!

Tonight is the first live eviction episode of Big Brother 13!  We will see either Porsche or Keith sent out of the house.  Usually the first eviction is pretty predictable and we know which way the house is leaning, but that is not the case tonight.  We know that Porsche has been on the veteran’s side due to Evel Dick bringing her over before his departure.  The house knows Porsche has been all over the place and talking to everyone, but Keith’s paranoia has run rampant in the past couple of days.

The original 8 had agreed to align together on night 1, but there seems to be a lot of second guessing going on as to where everyone stands.  Keith believes Kalia and Dominic are secretly working with the other side and thinks he might be going home.  The veteran side believes they have the numbers, and will keep Porsche and have her in their back pocket.  Keep in mind the person that stays will get the next golden key and will automatically be in the house until the final 10. 

Whichever way the voting goes, it will become apparent that one side or the other has the numbers and some houseguests haven’t been totally truthful, which should hopefully equal some nice fireworks in the house after.

So who do you feel will be evicted tonight?  Will it be Keith or Porsche?  If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the free trial of the live feeds so you can check out the aftermath of tonight’s first live eviction as it happens.