Big Brother 2015: MVP of Week 6-James Takes Back the Power

James Huling made a huge game move in the first week of Big Brother 2015. He evicted Jace Agolli. Usually, in the first few weeks of Big Brother, players play it safe. They go for easy targets. James taking out Jace set the tone for the Big Brother 2015 season.

BB17: James Huling

After the first week ended, James faded into the background. He became more of the comedy relief, instead of a huge player. When Audrey Middleton was evicted, the game player in James started to reemerge.

Before Audrey left, she exposed the Sixth Sense alliance to him. His alliance members, Jason Roy, Meg Maley, and Jackie Ibarra, did not really believe Audrey’s claims, and they tried to get him to not believe them either.

However, James kept that theory in the back of his head. Last week, his alliance members and him got a shock when Jason became the target over Austin Matelson. This basically confirmed everything that Audrey had said before she left.

Big Brother 17: Meg Maley, James Huling jackie Ibarra

James knew his alliance needed a win. Otherwise, they were going to be forced to watch their numbers dwindle even more. In the second Big Brother 17 endurance comp, James soared to victory. He then threw caution to the win and put up two huge players, Clay Honeycutt and Shelli Poole.

Next, he ensured that one of them would be evicted by winning the Power of Veto. James has played hard, fast, and smartly this week. We know that whichever half of the showmance survives tonight’s eviction will target him.

Besides that one person, James is in a pretty good position right now. He gained some allies from his second reign as Head of Household. James has emerged as a strong, smart competitor this week.

He definitely earned this week’s Big Brother 17 Most Valuable Player spot.

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