Big Brother 17 Predictions: Who Will Be Evited in Week 6?

All week, the Big Brother 17 houseguests debated whether to keep Shelli Poole or Clay Honeycutt in the game. The power couple have played their entire Big Brother 2015 game as a unit. This means that slight differences could determine who stays and who goes home.

BB17: Shelli and Clay

Shelli is definitely the more physical threat. Clay has more of a social game, and has influenced a lot of her decisions. Together they make up a really strong pair. Individually, Shelli seems like a stronger Big Brother player.

In our opinion, this makes Shelli the smartest choice for eviction. However, Clay has made many players promise to keep Shelli over him. Vanessa Rousso has also been campaigning to save Shelli. Head of Household James Huling has been working the opposite spectrum.

He tried to get players to commit to evicting Shelli. Right now the decision still seems up in the air. It will come down to a few final votes. So we predict a 4-5 vote, in favor of keeping Shelli.

Shelli will stay in the Big Brother 17 house by a very narrow margin. Clay will be evicted tonight on Big Brother 2015.

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