BB13 Update: Keith Evicted, Jordan New HOH

The first eviction of Big Brother 13 is in the books, and Keith was sent home after both Shelly and Kalia flipped their votes.  It was a surprise that Shelly flipped being she was giving Keith a huge pep talk and telling him he was safe the night before.  The good thing about all this is that the game is actually being played this year, we’re seeing votes flipped and lying going on, unlike previous years where everyone votes together and is afraid to shake it up.

With Keith’s eviction, Porsche gained the second golden key and is safe until the final 10.  With the way the votes fell, it’s become apparent in the house that the veterans have the numbers, so there is a lot of scheming and deal making going on. 

The golf HOH competition was won by Jordan, which keeps even more power on the veteran side of the house.  Much debate is now going on as to who should go out this week.  Daniele has gone out on a limb and has offered to try and help Dominic stay in the house if he is willing to work with their side.  Cassi seems to be the other target, as no one trusts her since she hasn’t been willing to work with the veteran side either.  It should definitely be an interesting week of nominations and veto, as all the scheming is coming to a head, so hopefully we will see our first full on explosion in the house soon.

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