BB13 Week 2 Spoilers: Nominations and POV Results

**Warning – spoilers ahead, don’t read if you want to be surprised**

The veteran’s domination of the game continued this week as Jordan won this week’s HOH, keeping the power on their side.  As expected, Jordan nominated Dominic and Adam for eviction, with Dominic being the target.  Dominic was looked at as a leader of the newbie side and with Keith already evicted, the veteran’s aim was to take out yet another strong player.

We can now report that the veteran’s plan has been foiled as Dominic won the POV competition, and will obviously take himself and Adam off the block.  From the sounds of things, there was some tension between the members of the veteran side during the game, particularly Rachel and Jeff.  The idea of replacing Dominic and Adam with Brendon and Rachel was briefly brought up by Jordan, but in the end it looks like Shelly and Cassi will be going up as replacements, with Cassi being the target.

There should be plenty of scheming and gameplay to keep up with as tensions rise higher and higher, especially after the replacements are named.  Be sure to check out the live feeds to watch what is going on in the house right now live.