Big Brother 2015 Episode 19 Recap: Drunk Meg and Chelli Falls

On Big Brother 17, Shelli Poole and Clay Honeycutt found themselves on the block together. This is basically their Big Brother 2015 nightmare. To stop their separation, Shelli and Clay are willing to do anything. This includes throwing their Sixth Sense alliance members under the bus.

BB17: Drunk Meg

Can the ruthless, power couple save themselves before it is too late? Read our Big Brother 2015 recap below to find out.

Angry Chelli

Clay and Shelli react to their nominations with anger. Shelli takes her anger out specifically on Vanessa Rousso, who she blames for their nomination. Shelli attempts to get James Huling, who Clay just shouted at following the nomination ceremony, to blame Vanessa too.

Later, Shelli apologizes to Vanessa. She does not want this to ruin the Sixth Sense alliance. Vanessa forgives Shelli but she still acts hurt about getting blamed for it.

Knights of the Big Brother Roundtable

Players are picked to play in the Veto competition. Shelli pulls Becky Burgess‘s name, and Clay pulls Vanessa’s name. James gets houseguest choice and picks Jackie Ibarra to play in it.

BB17: Veto Comp

Game of Throws: For this week’s Power of Veto competition, players must shoot a large dart on a number mat. After each round, the player who lands on the lowest number is eliminated. They then get to choose a crown that contains either a reward or punishment.

Next they can keep or trade their prize.

Round 1: Jackie is eliminated and gets the Veto prize.

Round 2: Shelli is eliminated. She gets a prize that involves dressing in knight armor/armitard for the entire week. She trades it with Jackie for the Veto.

Round 3: Vanessa is eliminated and wins a trip to Ireland. She keeps it.

Round 4: Clay is eliminated. He wins a squire punishment. He must be attached to Jackie for twenty-four hours. He trades it with Vanessa for the trip to Ireland.

Round 5: Becky is eliminated. She wins $5,000 and keeps it.

Round 6: James wins the competition. His prize is that he must become a Castle Guard. In order to do that, he must do a sword routine 2400 times for twenty-four hours. He trades it with Shelli for the Veto.

Shelli and Clay are devastated that this seems like the end of their time in the Big Brother house together. Shelli gets called to the Diary Room to get the rules for her punishment. Meanwhile, a drunk Meg Maley goes to talk to Clay in the bathroom.

Lots of drunk talk and tears. Also some touching, that only John “Johnny Mac” McGuire witnesses.

Last Ditch Efforts

BB17: Shelli on Block

Shelli and Clay talk to James in the Head of Household room. They tell him that Austin Matelson was the main person involved in taking out Jason Roy. They also give him some information about Austin, like about his Judas alter-ego.

They really throw Austin under the bus, hard.

At the Veto Ceremony:

James decides not to use the Veto. Tomorrow either Shelli or Clay’s Big Brother 17 game ends.

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