BB13 Live Feed Update: The Veteran Alliance Begins to Crumble

The live feeds have lit up finally the past couple of days, after a couple of weeks of the traditional “we all like each other” phase in the Big Brother house.  With Dominic and Adam on the block for the second time, Daniele has been left to once again try to convince the other veterans that Dominic should stay. 

When there was talk of the other veterans sounding like they were targeting Dominic to send home this week, Daniele was obviously unhappy and the other veterans now know that Daniele has been working with the other side of the house.  We’ve seen Daniele argue with Jeff, Rachel, and especially Brendon.  The veteran 5 had a meeting last night in the HOH to get back on the same page, but nothing was really achieved as Dominic has pretty much told the veterans everything Daniele has said in an effort to save himself this week.

Now there is even more tension in the house as Jeff got wind of a proposed plan to possibly backdoor him earlier this week.  Dominic is trying hard to save himself, but with the all the fights and distrust in the house, it’s going to be an uphill battle. 

Arguments and calling people out are now going down regularly in the house, so if your a fan of Big Brother fights, be sure to check out the live feeds and watch all the fights live!