Big Brother 2015 Episode 18 Recap: The Goblins Rise

On Thursday’s Big Brother 2015 episode, the houseguests competed for the Head of Household title. The Big Brother 17 player who stayed on the moving ledge the longest, won the competition. This endurance competition also marked the end of the Battle of the Block. It was one of the most critical Big Brother 17 Head of Household competitions.

BB17: Shelli Poole and clay Honeycutt

The Goblins needed this win to avenge Jason Roy‘s blindside and eviction. The Sixth Sense alliance needed it to keep the power. It was a grueling two hour battle. Would the underdogs finally turn the tides? Or would the Sixth Sense gain power yet again?

On the Edge

The “On the Edge” competition continues. Steve Moses gets eliminated first from it. Austin Matelson falls seconds after him. Next Julia Nolan, Meg Maley, Liz Nolan, Jackie Ibarra, Clay Honeycutt, and Becky Burgess fall out of the competition.

This leaves John “Johnny Mac” McGuire, Shelli Poole, and James Huling as the final three players competing for Head of Household. Vanessa watches in fear as James gets closer to winning the HoH title. As Shelli feels the win slipping away, she quickly uses the opportunity to try to make a deal with James.

BB17-On The Edge

She makes him agree to not nominate or backdoor Clay or her this week. James also throws Johnny Mac into the deal. So Johnny Mac finally feels comfortable dropping out. Shelli falls next. James becomes the newest Head of Household.


James and his allies, Meg and Jackie, start discussing their plan for the week. Becky also happens to be in the room. They discuss who to target this week. James said he does not plan to stick to his deal with Clay and Shelli, because they have already shown themselves untrustworthy.

They try to figure out what is the best way to deal with the targets for this week, Shelli and Clay. They consider backdooring them. Later, Becky secretly tells Clay and Shelli everything that happened in the HOH room.

BB17: Vanessa and James

Shelli and Clay then devise a plan to keep themselves safe. They try to get James to target Austin and Liz instead of them. Meanwhile, Vanessa worries about her game, especially when Shelli does not include her in her original deal with James.

Later, James tells Meg that he changed his mind. He will not play the pawn game. He wants to go straight for Shelli and Clay by putting them on the block together.

After the HOH competition, Julia confronts Austin about all that happened last week. He tries to cover up for it, and put all the blame on Jason. Julia admits in the Diary Room that she does not trust Austin.


BB17: Nomination Wall

James sticks to his word and nominates Clay and Shelli. They both get really angry and try to get people to not trust James’s word. They also claim to not have a part in evicting Jason last week.

Vanessa gets mad at them for throwing her under the bus. Wednesday Shelli and Clay go head to head in the Power of Veto competition.

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