Big Brother Fans Podcast with Special Guest Ronnie from Big Brother 11!

Big Brother fans, we invite you to join us this Friday (7/29/11) for episode 4 of the Big Brother Fans Podcast!  We are happy to announce that we will be welcoming special guest Ronnie from BB11, who will be calling in and discussing all things Big Brother.

Ronnie is one of the most memorable houseguests ever, as he was part of one of the most action packed seasons with all sorts of craziness going on.  We are going to have the phone lines open, so this will be your chance to call in and ask Ronnie anything you’ve ever wanted to ask about his season or Big Brother in general. 

The Big Brother Fans Podcast with special guest Ronnie from Big Brother 11 will air at 12 p.m. Eastern tomorrow, listen in at the Big Brother Fans Podcast page.