Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: A Showmance in Danger

After Big Brother 17’s Jason Roy left the house, his allies needed a miracle. That Big Brother 2015 miracle came in the form of an endurance Head of Household competition. The competition was geared more towards short, small people. This made it seem perfect for people on the other side of the Big Brother 17 house.

BB17: The Goblins

Jackie Ibarra, who performed fairly well on the last endurance competition, did not make it to the final three competitors in the competition. She seemed like that side’s best option to gain power. Luckily, James Huling did make it to the final three in this week’s Head of Household competition. He also won it.

Along with his allies, James set off on a mission to take back control, and get revenge. Around midnight last night, Jackie, James, Meg Maley, and Becky Burgess discussed this week’s nominees.

They went through different scenarios of who to put up to take out their true target: Shelli Poole. Prior to dropping out of the Big Brother 2015 Head of Household competition, she made James promise not to nominate or backdoor her or Clay Honeycutt. He agreed to this deal.

bb17: Shelli Poole

However, his side had no intention of keeping the promise, like the Sixth Sense failed to keep their promise last week.

James failed to realize that they have a traitor among their inner circle, Becky quickly ran and spilled the plan to Clay and Shelli. They want to force James to honor his deal to keep them safe. Luckily, this morning James discussed a new plan with Jackie, Meg, and Becky.

He wants to forget the pawn game. He plans to put up Clay and Shelli later today. He will let them battle it out for Veto. If one of them wins it, it still guarantees that one of them goes home on Thursday night. This should lead to an exciting week of people being thrown under the bus.

Even if Clay and Shelli try to force James to honor his original deal, we don’t see him dong it. Putting up and evicting Jason, woke his side up in a big way. They are no longer coasting by, they are ready to make big moves and we are ready to see them do it.

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