BB13 Update: Dominic Evicted, HOH Results/Spoilers

**Warning – spoilers ahead, don’t read if you want to be surprised**

Last night all the attempts to keep Dominic in the game came to an end as he was evicted from the house, with Daniele being his sole vote.  After the huge fight this week, the battle lines were drawn going into the HOH endurance competition and the winner would determine the direction of the house.

The domination by power couples Brendon/Rachel and Jeff/Jordan has turned into a dictatorship, which Daniele pointed out last night on the live show.  The competition was one of the “last person standing” types that had the houseguests being shifted back and forth while taking the usual array of snow and whatever else thrown on them.  In the end, Daniele won the competition and is the new HOH!

This is one of the only things that could have happened that will truly shake the house up.  Daniele will probably put up Brendon and Rachel, which will lead to more outbursts and temper tantrums from them than ever.  The fight ignited the animosity, now this week’s nominations will fuel the fire so to speak.  You can watch Daniele’s HOH as it unfolds on the live feeds, as we all await even more explosive fights!