Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Week 6 Head of Household Competition Results

Last night, Big Brother 17 host Julie Chen announced that the game reset. This reset meant that the Battle of the Block would no longer happen each week. This also meant only one Big Brother 2015 Head of Household a week.

BB17: On the Edge HOH Comp

Next Julie told the Big Brother 2015 houseguests that the “On the Edge” endurance competition would happen tonight. Houseguests had to hold on for their life, as the wall shift. They also got all kinds of things thrown at them, like paint.

Everyone held on pretty tightly. Steve Moses was the first player to fall off, followed only seconds by Austin Matelson. Next Julia Nolan and Meg Maley came off. It was awhile before anyone else dropped from the wall.

After a little over an hour into it, Jackie Ibarra fell, followed by Liz Nolan. This left only Clay Honeycutt, James Huling, Becky Burgess, John “Johnny Mac” McGuire, and Shelli Poole. Eventually Becky fell and a few minutes after her, Clay fell.

BB17: On the Edge HOH Results

Two hours into it, Johnny Mac, Shelli, and James remained. They all struggled to stay on, and were visibly in pain, but seemed like a fairly even match. Johnny came off next, then Shelli quickly made a deal with James to not nominate or backdoor Clay or her this week. He agreed to it, and added Johnny to that deal.

Shelli jumped off. James is the new Head of Household. James agreed to the deal, but Meg and him discussed playing dirty from now on. Will James stick to his deal?

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