BB13 Live Feed Update: Bachelor Party Night!

For anyone that has been keeping up with the live feeds the past couple of days, you’ve seen that the houseguests have come up with the …..genius idea……to have a mock wedding for Rachel and Brendon.  Most like boredom setting in has caused this, since everyone is going around making dresses and tuxedos out of trash bags and all sorts of other wedding favors out of whatever they could find.  All of this was pretty eye roll worthy, until the idea to have a bachelor party was brought up.

The mock wedding is supposedly tomorrow, so tonight the bachelor party is going down.   Porsche was set to be the entertainment, and threw on a skimpy outfit to dance around in.  Unfortunately Adam was also party of this, performing in (and stripping out of) his elf suit of course.  The performance was pretty short, but Porsche did give an eye full.  Interestingly enough, the houseguests asked for more alcohol after their initial delivery and said things would get even more wild if so, and they actually got another bottle of wine!  So things could get even more interesting as the night goes on, so if you want to follow along check out the free trial of the live feeds if you haven’t already.

Use the flashback feature to check out the bachelor/bachelorette performance at 11:00 P.M. on 8/1/11.