Evel Dick’s Cow Suit From Big Brother 13 on eBay

Evel Dick is selling his cow suit from the first Big Brother 13 food competition on eBay. When I first saw this listing, I thought “Wait, Evel Dick was on Big Brother 13?” His stay in the Big Brother 13 house was that brief, though it certainly caused a lot of talk and speculation.

Of course, I knew he was on Big Brother 13. We all talked about that. It’s just when I think of Evel Dick, I remember when Evel Dick won Big Brother 8. When I first saw a tweet that mentioned he was selling memorabilia from Big Brother, I guess I figured it would be something from season 8. At least he stayed long enough this time to have something to make money from, I guess. Anyway if you are interested in the cow suit Evel Dick wore on Big Brother 13, check out the eBay listing: